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Our Work

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We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes around the world in the areas of innovation, digital strategy and organisational development.

We are strategic business advisors that have been trained in strategy, complexity, systems thinking, creative play and gamification to bring you all the tools you need to facilitate innovation in your business and on your projects. We also believe in raising the standard in research, strategy and design, and have therefore boldly ensured that our peer-reviewed research publications and methodologies are open to the public. That’s how confident we are in our work and the service we can deliver to you.

Our Frameworks

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All the great teachers of strategy and innovation focus on showing us how to think, rather than what to think or telling us what to do. Through rigorous research we have developed frameworks that provide the navigation tools to empower organisations to do their own thinking about strategy design and implementation. We’re here to guide you along the way.

Our Tools

Matrix 2 the Process_1Our Design Sprint methodology provides a collaborative, fast paced and engaging method to help your team produce a Minimum Viable Design from which you can generate a range ideas, test assumptions and prototypes, and produce an optimal result for your innovation or strategy project. With the addition of our many experiential design tools our methodology offers and engaging and thought provoking experience to get to the core of your strategy. If you’re looking to develop sustainable solutions in your organisation by building internal capability, you may want to consider our Strategic Gamification Design for Leaders Program.

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Now Go Forth and Explore

Our site is new and we have lots of research and practical experience in strategy and design that we’d like to share with you. Explore the site and take what you need and let us know what more information you need.

Play with us

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For a no obligation conversation on how we may help you contact Marigo Raftopoulos on marigo@strategicinnovationlab.com. Alternatively, fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.