Optimise Your Innovation Strategy

Welcome to the Strategic Innovation Lab!

We are an innovation lab that uses the best of rigorous research, best emergent practices and experimentation to develop tools in an agile, collaborative spaces around the world.

So far, we have created four key tools in our lab to date for the current business challenges our world is facing. We use these tools to help our clients focus and strengthen their innovation strategy, and to provide training workshops to practitioners of strategic problem solving, creativity, and innovation around the world.

Check out our innovation tools below: 

Innovation Design Sprint

An Innovation Design Sprint is a condensed strategic design process that aims to generate fast prototypes of innovations in your product, service, process or business model. Find out more information here, or head on down to its own brand new site at https://innovationdesignsprint.com

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Gamification Design Sprint

A Gamification Design Sprint is a high-energy, interactive design approach used for business problem solving and creating innovative product or service solutions. At the core of a Gamification Design Sprint is using an agile approach to developing a Minimum Viable Design, that incorporates systems thinking, game design and creative problem solving. Most importantly, the process is a playful and interactive ‘learning by doing’ experience. Find out more information here, or head on down to its own brand new site at https://gamification-design-sprint.com


Navigating Ambiguity and Complexity

Meaningful and sustainable innovation can only be developed once we have mapped the systemic constraints that your organisation is facing. Our business performance is guided, enabled and constrained by the systems in which we operate. This is why we take this strategic approach before we launch a design sprint in order to be mindful of how we navigate the ambiguity, paradox and and complexity that is unique to our environment. We call these elements “The Three Challenges of Innovation” and are the major causes of confusion and indecision in organisations today.

ambiguity paradox and complexity

Foresight Design Sprint

We’ve used leading edge research and best practice to develop a futures design sprint that will help your team navigate ambiguity and complexity while focusing on envisioning the future. We use a range of engaging tools and approaches that will help your team break out of entrained thinking and fixed mind-sets and help build creative courage. We have a six-step framework a range of different tools and activities that can be used in each step to enable and strengthen your team. More information here:

Foresight design sprint

Stay tuned – more to come!


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