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We work with organisations to become future-ready.

Innovation is driving growth and opportunity, and it’s also creating some disruption in its wake. We also understand the constraints and pressures that large organisations face and that it’s not that easy to become as creative and innovative as fast as you need to keep up. It’s great to learn from technology start-ups, collaborative workspaces, organisational play, and lean and agile development – but how do you implement these concepts in large complex organisations in an integrated and sustainable way?

We custom make solutions that are right for your organisation and for your unique business challenge. We are innovators and business strategists that have been trained in business strategy, complexity, systems thinking, creative play and gamification to bring you all the tools you need to facilitate innovation in your business and on your projects.

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Browse around the site and check out the frameworks that guide our client work. They have been built from decades of experience and they have been extensively refined through empirical research and have been peer reviewed by global experts and research communities. More importantly, they are a guide on what we know works, and what doesn’t, for enterprises in the digital era so we don’t waste your time and resources on unproven ideas and theories. We walk the talk on being agile and creative, and working with quick turnarounds and prototypes – fit for the digital era where business is now in perpetual beta.


About our founder, Marigo Raftopoulos

Marigo is a strategic business advisor specialising in innovation using games, gamification, systems thinking and experience design. Marigo is also the the founder and CEO of Strategic|Games|Lab, co-founder and co-chair of Games for Change Australia-New Zealand. Marigo is also a advisor to several technology incubators and technology start-ups, as well as advisor on the European Commission’s Advanced Digital Gaming and Gamification Program.

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Marigo works with a wide range of global clients in accelerating innovation and organisational development using the tools of engagement that are fundamental to game design and gamification. Marigo holds a Bachelor of Economics degree and a Master of Business Administration from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and an Executive Certificate in Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics from the MIT Sloan Business School, Boston MA. Marigo has recently completed her PhD in enterprise gamification and innovation at RMIT University’s GEELab in Melbourne, Australia.

Her LinkedIn profile can be found here and she’s active on Twitter here.



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