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We have developed a unique set of tools and templates to enhance and energise the research, strategy and design process. People are naturally creative, and given the right environment and stimulating, tactile tools, we work with your team to create more insightful and targeted applications, products and services. We also custom design tools for your own unique needs. Our strategic design tools have been developed to help organisations think deeper and more creatively about their business challenges.

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Our tools include several unique design workshop activities and experiences that involve decks of cards,  playbooks and engaging facilitation to get your creative and strategic brainpower firing. We use these tools to design products, services, digital applications and organisational development that are customer centric by focussing on strengths (“super-powers”), obstacles (“anti-superpowers”), personas (motivation, desire, values). We have also developed a unique process for embedding ethics into the design of digital applications. Here are some examples of our design tools and will be available shortly for separate sale to the public.

Superpower or strengths development playbook & cards
“Superpower” or strengths development playbook & cards
Obstacles & challenges playbook & cards
“Anti-Superpower” or Obstacles playbook & cards
Ethics playbook & cards for digital applications
Ethics playbook & cards for digital applications
Persona or player development playbook & cards
Persona development playbook & cards


Wait, there’s more!

We also use the best of the tried and tested tools used in other strategy, design and creative fields that we integrate into our design sprints where we see that they may add value to your project. There are too many to name, here is a sample of a few that we often use:




Hero’s Journey

Collaborative design / Co-Creation

Theory U

Futures Envisioning

Toyota A3 Model Canvas

Business Model Generation Canvas

Systems Mapping

Lean Start-Up Methodology

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